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Limmud lineup 2016

Robbie Duschinsky is University Lecturer in Social Sciences at Cambridge University, and Head of the Applied Social Science Group within the Primary Care Unit.


Mimi Feigelson, the first female Orthodox rabbi, grew up in Israel. She is an international teacher of Chassidut, Spirituality and a story teller. Reb Mimi serves as the Mashpi’ah Ruchanit (spiritual mentor) and Lecturer of Rabbinic Literature and Chassidic Thought at The American Jewish University, L.A. (

Reb Mimi is an inspiring teacher who blends intensive personal relationship and analysis to her extensive knowledge of rabbinic literature. Reb Mimi is an invited Scholar-in-Residence in many Jewish communities and organizations throughout North America and has taught in Canada, England, the F.S.U and engaged in interfaith dialogue for many years in India.

Reb Mimi recently received her Doctorate. “On the Cusp of Life: From Scared to Sacred” is an exploration and redefinition of Jewish funerals. Reb Mimi also reclaims lost burial and mourning traditions. She is eager to share this life-changing work throughout the Jewish community.


Benjamin Gampel, the Dina and Eli Field Family Chair in Jewish History at The Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, specializes in the history of the Jews of the medieval and early modern world. For his first book, The Last Jews on Iberian Soil, Dr. Gampel – who earned his doctorate from Columbia University, spent almost a year in Spain, researching in the local archives. He also has edited Crisis and Creativity in the Sephardic World. Dr. Gampel returned to the Spanish archives, and has just completed Anti-Jewish Riots in the Crown of Aragon and the Royal Response, 1391-1392, which treats the riots and forced conversions of 1391 in the Iberian peninsula. Truly an energetic scholar and teacher, Dr. Gampel is among a small group of educators dedicated to bringing the history of the Jews to a wide public audience.


Nick Gendler is a career coach, a person-centred counsellor and a co-chair of Masorti Judaism. He lives in London with his boomerang children and his patient and forgiving wife.  Why is his wife patient and forgiving? Because he keeps coming up with new things to do before he’s accomplished the last thing. Nick is learning to play the double bass and is slowly getting better at it. He’s just about ready to join a band. In recent years he’s tried his hand at TIG welding, his legs at stand-up comedy, his feet at ballroom dancing and his whole body at pilates. He enjoys writing about just about anything but mainly the world of work and cycling. Cycling is Nick’s long term passion and it has been truly enriching for him.


Zahavit Shalev is a member of the rabbinic team at New North London Synagogue. She is particularly involved in running the conversion programme, and organizing events for young families. She is rabbinic student at Leo Baeck College, due to receive semichah (ordination) in 2019. She gets her kicks from seeing her students successfully join the Jewish people (60+ and counting), going to shul, her family, reading feminist Biblical and Talmudic criticism, 90% dark chocolate, running late at night, and undignified dancing.


Susan Silverman is an author, teacher, activist and founder of Second Nurture: Every Child Deserves a Family — And a Community, a program to find permanent, loving families for all children — with the added bonus of supportive communal contexts for their families, which can be found at She is an advocate for asylum seekers and of liberal Judaism in Israel, the author of Jewish Family & Life: Traditions, Holiday and Values for Today’s Parents and Children and, recently, of Casting Lots: Creating a Family in a Beautiful Broken World. She has appeared in Tablet Magazine, Moment Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Forward, The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, YNet, The New York Times, NPR, and ABC’s The View, among others. She and her spouse, Yosef Abramowitz, have five children and live in Jerusalem. She can be found at and @rabbasusan.


Julian Sinclair has been studying Talmud with the same Chavruta for about as long as he has been married. (20 years). From 1999-2003 he was campus rabbi at Cambridge University where he also taught in the Divinity School. On moving back to Israel he became a pioneering climate change activist. He has worked in Israel’s clean tech / renewable energy sector for the past seven years, and since 2011 has been in developing large solar energy projects in Africa.