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Chopped Salad

Sarit Packer & Itamar SrulovichFilmed at UJIA Sippur 2015

Growing up in Israel, you never think about chopped salad, you are never conscious of it – it is just there, part of Jewish culture, breakfast lunch and dinner, always on the table, like salt and pepper, more of a condiment than a dish. In this talk, we will describe and show you how to make the perfect chopped salad. Have it with breakfast, have it as lunch, always always have it with bread – simple, fresh and lovely; that is it, our chopped salad. We hate mixing politics and food, or politics with anything, but we hope that just as Israel fell in love with the native food of the region, it’ll find common ground with its neighbours in the mutual admiration of this food.

Sarit Packer has been cooking and baking since she was five. She trained at Butlers Wharf and at the Orrery under Chris Galvin, where she learned, amongst other things, to make Pate de Fruit, which was her sole ambition in life. In her spare time she sleeps. She is married quite happily to Itamar Srulovich but keeps her maiden name for obvious reasons.

Itamar Srulovich was born and raised in Jerusalem. He has been cooking since the age of five and leaving a great mess in the kitchen ever since. Itamar trained on the job in various places in Tel-Aviv. He prefers eating to cooking and sleeping to both. He is very happily married.

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