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It’s A Small World After All

Craig TaubmanFilmed at Limmud Conference 2014

Three reasons to listen to my talk. 1. It would make my mom really happy. 2. My desire to inspire and nudge people to think ought, not what is a Jew, but what ought a Jew be. 3. My JDOV talk contains songs. That's something to sing about.

Craig Taubman began his career at the tender of age of 15, when he picked up a guitar and began to lead music at Camp Ramah in California. He studied at UCLA, Northridge University and the University of Judaism in Los Angeles. He also spent two years at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, performing for Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

Craig’s top-selling releases include Friday Night Live, composed for a special Shabbat service held at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles. His extensive musical catalog consists of over 50 recordings, featuring everything from the new Celebrate Jewish Lullabies, to Rock n Toontown, featuring backup vocals with Minnie and Mickey! Craig has also enjoyed a successful career in television and film.

Craig’s songs bridge traditional Jewish themes and ancient teachings with passages and experiences of contemporary Jewish life. His Jewish recordings are an integral part of the community, weaving song and spirit into the fabric of Jewish life, and his compositions are used extensively in formal and informal Jewish settings across America.

Craig became passionate about using his talents to bring diverse people together in new ways. He branched out to plan and oversee the production of community building events, some for a variety of Jews and some for an interfaith audience. Inspired by the history, location and spiritual energy of the Pico Union Project building, Craig is using his gift for creating community connections through music, worship and the arts to build a new kind of community center.

He attributes his great success to good hair products and his dog, children and wife of 25 years who keep him in line.

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