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A Loyal Brit and A Proud Jew

Matthew GouldFilmed at JDOV Live with the JC and JW3

In this talk, Matthew Gould tells us what he has learned about being a 'British Jew' from his life as a diplomat. During his time as the UK Ambassador to Israel his Jewishness and Jewish values and beliefs became a real issue for some people. However, whilst he believes the age old accusation of “dual loyalties” is still alive and well, Matthew himself is clear that we can be at the same time 100% proudly British and 100% proudly Jewish.  We should not let anyone else define for us what it means to be patriotic and what it means to be Jewish.

Matthew Gould, formerly the UK’s ambassador to Israel, is now the Director General for Digital and Media Policy at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. His goal is to make Britain the most connected, internet-enable, tech-friendly, innovation-driven, digital-skilled, cyber-secure country in the world.

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