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Ruth CalderonFilmed at UJIA Sippur 2015

In this time of religious and cultural tension in the world, I believe returning to the great books might give us the right language to better understand each other and work towards peace. Through a close reading of the story of Rabbi Akiba and the text of the Shema, this talk explores the concept of One, Echad, in the Jewish tradition, encountering along the way a remarkable overlap with Islamic thought.

Dr. Ruth Calderon is one of Israel’s leading figures spearheading efforts to revive Hebrew Culture and a pluralistic Israeli-Jewish identity. In 1989, she co-established ELUL in Jerusalem, the first beit midrash in which secular and religious women and men studied and taught together. In 1996, she founded in Tel Aviv ALMA, which a Jewish liberal arts program for advanced learning. Dr. Calderon is the author of “A Bride for One Night” (2001), a personal homiletic reading of Talmudic legends, and “Talmudic Alpha Beta” (2014). From 2013-2015, Dr. Calderon was a Knesset Member from the Yesh Atid Party, where she was Deputy Speaker, member of the education and state control committees, and Chairperson of the Lobby for Jewish Renewal.

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