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The Box of Errors

Josh BaumFilmed at Limmud Conference 2015

The box of errors came into being as an unconscious object. What started off as a sofer's tool box and a place to keep my mistakes, grew on its own into something quite different. Full of words and yet not exactly a book, the box was the by-product of writing a Torah scroll and of my particular capacity for distraction, because it was during distraction that I made most of the mistakes. Since then it has become symbolic to me of the magic and pleasure of making Hebrew letters and the endless possibilities of words.

UK based artist Josh Baum studied and worked in Israel for many years as a Hebrew scribe. A graduate from Central Saint Martins and award winning contemporary sculptor, his work seeks to bring together the worlds of the Hebrew scribe and the fine artist. Looking at themes of listening, transcription, the hidden mechanics of words, poetry and the ancient beauty of the Hebrew alphabet.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License