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The Storytelling Animal

Mooli LahadFilmed at UJIA Sippur 2015

Since cave men started painting on walls, human beings have been telling stories. But why, when there are surely much more urgent tasks for survival? In this talk, I argue that creativity is a basic need, and without this ability, we humans - and we Jews - would not have survived. And as a trauma psychologist, I explain how telling stories helps us to recover from traumatic experiences in our lives.

Professor Mooli Lahad is an Israeli psychologist and psychotrauma specialist, known for his resiliency model, creative methods of intervention and treatment of stress. He is the founder and Head of the MA in Dramatherapy, at Tel Hai College and President of the CSPC – The International Stress Prevention Centre at in Kiryat Shmona, Israel. He is also Professor of Psychology at Tel Hai College and was a visiting Professor of Dramatherapy at Surrey University, England. Lahad champions the application of creative approaches such as dramatherapy and bibliotherapy in the prevention and treatment of psychotrauma.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License