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What’s the Bible About? Jews, Nations and the World

Daniel GordisFilmed at Limmud New York

For a few years now, I’ve become worried that our conversations about Israel are too focused only on Israel’s enemies and the Jewish State’s security problems.  Those issues are real, but they’re not what the country is about.  In this lecture, I lay out at least one new way of thinking about why a Jewish State matters.  It’s certainly not the only new way possible.  If lectures such as this get us all thinking again about why Israel matters, I’ll feel very gratified.

I’m Senior Vice President and Koret Distinguished Fellow at Shalem College in Jerusalem.  I write about Zionism, Jewish thought and Israeli society, and am now finishing up a biography of Menachem Begin.  Born in the US, I’ve been living in Israel with my wife and three children since 1998.

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