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Where are the Jewish Superheroes?

Stephen RosenthalFilmed at JDOV Live with the JC and JW3

If 2016 has shown us anything, it's that the world needs heroes more than ever. All superheroes possess a single superpower, and it's far more powerful than flight, strength or speed. Heroes, by their words, actions or even legends have the power to make us think and do things nobody else - not even our nearest and dearest - can. In this talk, Stephen Rosenthal explores whether the concept of "Jewish heroism" exists. Did our Biblical heroes possess any shared characteristics or qualities that inspire the Jewish heroes of today? And if they do, where are today's Jewish superheroes? Spoiler alert: They’re everywhere...

Stephen Rosenthal recently became an executive search consultant at The MBS Group, after more than a decade specialising in Policy, Communications, Marketing and Social Media, working for Google, The Home Office,  BICOM and Air France.

An experienced public speaker, Stephen has acted as an official spokesman to Google and the Home Office, regularly appearing on stage, TV and radio.

A regular columnist for the Jewish Chronicle, Stephen also acts as a consultant to several high-profile individuals, companies and communal organisations, advising on communications, public relations, policy, social media and strategy.

Graduating from The University of Leeds with a combined honours degree in English and French in 2006, Stephen has since been awarded the Legacy Heritage Fellowship, International Herzl Prize and Young Civil Servant of The Year Award.

Raised in Manchester, Stephen now lives in London with his wife and two daughters.


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