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Will You Embrace Your Hineni Moment?

Nick GendlerFilmed at Limmud Conference 2016

How is it possible to undo years of firmly held belief about ourselves? What does it take to recognise that changing our narrative is possible? This is the story of a profound moment in Nick's life - the moment when he challenged and fought back against a belief that was unwanted but that he felt he was destined to live with. It’s a very personal story, and it’s a story that we probably all have, or could have our own version of.

Nick Gendler is a career coach, a person-centred counsellor and a co-chair of Masorti Judaism. He lives in London with his boomerang children and his patient and forgiving wife.  Why is his wife patient and forgiving? Because he keeps coming up with new things to do before he’s accomplished the last thing. Nick is learning to play the double bass and is slowly getting better at it. He’s just about ready to join a band. In recent years he’s tried his hand at TIG welding, his legs at stand-up comedy, his feet at ballroom dancing and his whole body at pilates. He enjoys writing about just about anything but mainly the world of work and cycling. Cycling is Nick’s long term passion and it has been truly enriching for him.

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