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Becoming a Renewable Light Unto the Nations (subtitled)

Yosef AbramowitzFilmed at JHub

Unlike noah, who had 120 years to warn about the coming flood, humanity today only has 5 years till global warming and radical climate change becomes irreversible. Come find out how the Jewish people can stop climate change, power development in poor countries, and save the planet with solar power–done Jewishly.

Named “Person of the Year” at the 2012 Israel Energy and Business Convention and by CNN as one of the top 6 green pioneers worldwide, Yosef I. Abramowitz serves as President of the Arava Power Company, Israel’s leading solar developer along with partners David Rosenblatt of New Jersey and Ed Hofland of Kibbutz Ketura. He was also named by the Jerusalem Post as the 26th most influential Jewish person on the planet. A Jewish educator, human rights activist, environmentalist and entrepreneur, Yossi is working to bring solar power on a commercial basis to a dozen developing nations, to continue Israel’s legacy of helping development in Africa and elsewhere while also providing investors with a healthy return.

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