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From Scared to Sacred: On the Cusp of Life

Mimi FeigelsonFilmed at Limmud Conference 2016

There is a well-kept secret in our Jewish tradition. The period of aninut - the time from a person's last breath until the covering of their grave - actually belongs to the dead, not to the living. What are the implications of this? What are the practical implications of the realisation that our funerals are our property, are our possession - not the mourners, not the community, not the institutions and the establishment - they belong to the dead? In this talk, Mimi Feigelson casts the funeral as a sacred drama, and challenges us to become the playwright of this drama. She asks us to claim our lives in their totality, in the understanding that, if you know how you want to be buried, you know how you want to live.

Rabbi Dr. Reb Mimi Feigelson, the first female Orthodox rabbi, grew up in Israel. She is an international teacher of Chassidut, Spirituality and a storyteller. Reb Mimi serves as the Mashpi’ah Ruchanit (spiritual mentor) and Lecturer of Rabbinic Literature and Chassidic Thought at The American Jewish University, L.A. (

Reb Mimi is an inspiring teacher who blends intensive personal relationship and analysis to her extensive knowledge of rabbinic literature. Reb Mimi is an invited Scholar-in-Residence in many Jewish communities and organizations throughout North America and has taught in Canada, England and the F.S.U.

The text of this talk is available upon request from the author – contact us for info.

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