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A Taste of JDOV

JDOVFilmed at JDOV

Don't know much about what JDOV is? Intrigued to know more? Here's a little taster for you...

JDOV invites inspiring speakers to share their Jewish dream, observation or vision.


INSPIRATION – We invite compelling speakers who are keen to share inspiring ideas with others. We believe that inspiration can be contagious, whether it is expressed in a live performance or online.

REFLECTIVENESS – We ask our speakers to delve deep and think about what really matters to them in deciding on their topic. In turn, we hope our viewers will also be reflective and ask themselves: “What is my Jewish dream, observation, or vision? What idea would I want to offer the world if I had 10-12 minutes to share something that inspires my Jewish identity?”

INCLUSIVITY – We invite speakers from all denominations, genders, genres and viewpoints; some speakers are well-known and others are talented newcomers.

GENEROSITY – Our speakers share their ideas without payment; our audiences listen with open minds; the videos are distributed under Creative Commons licenses which prohibit anyone to profit financially from them.

SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS – We are committed to the Jewish tradition of Tikkun Olam and believe that we all have the potential to improve the world. In particular, we believe that words can bring ideas into being and therefore hope that JDOV can and will initiate positive change in the world.


JHub is an operating programme of Pears Foundation, a British family foundation rooted in Jewish values.

JHub promotes social action, innovation and social entrepreneurship in the British Jewish community and beyond by providing physical office space, mentoring, networking, seed grants, and professional development opportunities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License

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