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Uncertainty, ambiguity and social activism: what God really wants of us – Levi Lauer

Levi D. LauerFilmed at Makom 2016

In his talk, Rabbi Levi Lauer illustrates that the embrace of ambiguity, uncertainty and paradox is at the heart of the Jewish tradition. By accepting these limitations as foundations of biblical, rabbinic and contemporary wisdom, together with the understanding that we must address urgent human need, we lay foundations for making a more viable, kinder and gentler world.

Rabbi Levi D. Lauer is Founding Executive Director of ATZUM-Justice Works. One of ATZUM’s projects, the Task Force against Human Trafficking, campaigns against Israel’s trafficking in prostituted women.

ATZUM’s Roberta Project for Survivors of Terror addresses educational needs of children in those families. Its Righteous Among the Nations Project supports rescuers of Jewish life during the Shoah now living in Israel. Beit Midrash TAKUM integrates traditional text learning with activist work with Israel’s refugees and asylum seekers.

Levi is a pioneer educator-social activist working to synthesize traditional Jewish practice and study with contemporary concern for Israel’s most at-risk persons.

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